The Extended Pack

        These wolf dogs belong to other people, but we advertise their pups from time to time, or use them for stud service. Shiloh, SisQ and Sky belong to the same family. The stud, Sunka, belongs to a family friend. Layla, Rex, Navi, and Blake all belong to the same family, too. Both Layla and Navi are past pups of Thumperswolves. The other wolf dogs belong to the same person who resides near Fresno. His pups are also offered for adoption on our site. All of our wolf dogs and the entire extended pack are located in central CA, between Fresno and Bakersfield.

Shiloh- a high content cream stud, out of Sunka and Niyol. He has a nice grizzled coat. He is in the 90's% Timber Wolf and Husky. He is over 6 feet tall on his hind legs and about 130 pounds. Shiloh is very mellow. He has gold eyes. He is offered for stud services and bred to Sky for high content pups. STUD SERVICES AVAILABLE





Sky- a high content cream female, out of Bianca and Cane. Sky has a nice grizzled coat and darling face. She is in the 80's% range Timber Wolf and Husky. Sky is very mellow and timid. She is bred to Shiloh for high content pups.






SisQ-a mid content cream grizzled female with bi eyes. She is a daughter of Cheyenne and Sunka. She is Bear and Ayani's granddaughter. SisQ is a very sweet and gentle girl with a loving personality. We look forward to seeing her added to our breeding program in late 2016/2017.





Sunka-High content male. In the 90's%. Timber Wolf with Husky. He is over 34" and weighs 120 pounds. We used him in the past with Wannizzie for high content pups. He is also bred to Cheyenne for mid content litters. 


Offered occasionally are pups from:

Layla, a low content female, out of Iris and Shadow

Rex, pure white Siberian Husky stud

Navi, a mid content out of Mia and Shadow

Blake, a pure white Siberian Husky stud

Wannizziee, high content white female,

Hokeshelato, high content white female, Wannizzie's daughter

Greyshion, high content gray female, Wannizzie's daughter

Shadow, high content black female

Remington, high content tri colored cream Timber Wolf,



   * Layla and Rex have had two litters. Navi and Blake are expecting their first litter in spring 2016.


These wolf dogs belong to other people, but we advertise their pups from time to time, or use them for stud service.



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