Here are the canine kids!



         Here is Bear at about 3 months.                           Here is Bear at 4 weeks.  


      Bear is our 70% White Arctic and Timber Wolf hybrid stud. He weighs 120 pounds and is 30 inches tall at his shoulders. He is white and fluffy. Bear has golden eyes. He came to us from a local breeder here in the central valley. We brought Bear home when he was just 4 weeks old and bottle fed him. Bear has a great disposition and loves to travel. He loves to hog the bed, and he snores. Bear is very spoiled. Bear's favorite hobby is to go through the drive thru and get his favorite, a double cheeseburger. We all enjoy the attendant's response to their uncommon patron. He never growls or barks at them, just sniffs the air to make sure they got his order right! We created an area just for breeding. It was completed in November 2008. The kennel is 15x15 feet with concrete. The construction of which left us with a huge dirt pile that the dogs loved to play on. Bear liked to play like he was the boss until he got knocked off the top of the "hill". It was also a great lookout post to see what the neighbors were cooking. Bear loves when they cook bacon. Bear is now retired.





 Cheyenne is a mid content wolf hybrid female. She is out of Ayani and Bear's last litter. She is about 65% White Arctic and Timber wolf and 30-35% Siberian Husky, with a little Alaskan Malamute. She is very sweet, and a quick learner like her mother. She loves to play in the water and ride in the car.  Cheyenne travels frequently with me to Yosemite National Park, the lake, or the beach. When at home, she commonly can be found stretched out across the bed, hogging the pillows, with the cats. She bunches up the blanket and makes a pacifier out of it. She’s a creamy sable, gray, and white in color. She is bi-eyed, with one piercing blue eye and one light golden brown eye. 




 Kohana is a high content wolf hybrid female. She is out of Sunka and Niyola. She came to us from a local breeder. We have had Kohana since she was three weeks old. She is about 90% Timber wolf and 10% Husky. She is very playful. She loves to play tag with her sister, Niyol. She’s a creamy white in color with a soft grizzled gray and red in her undercoat. She has golden wolf colored eyes. 










      Niyol is a high content wolf hybrid female. She is out of Sunka and Niyola. She came to us from a local breeder here in the central valley. We brought Niyol home when she was just 3 weeks old. She bonded with us instantly. She is about 90% Timber Wolf and 10% Husky. She is Timber colored, with browns, grays, and creams. Gorgeous masking! She has greenish colored eyes.  Niyol has a very sweet, loving disposition. She loves to play in running water, whether it is a river or just a water hose. She enjoys playing with her sister, Kohana. Niyol loves to give us kisses. She often can be found sleeping with her head on top of Kohana.



 These will be entering our breeding program in 2016





     Twila is a high content wolf hybrid female. She is 80% Timber Wolf and about 20% Husky. Twila is out of Cane and Bianca. She came home with us at 4 weeks of age. She is black with some white markings on her nose, chest, and paws. She loves cats and loves to go for walks. She likes to hop in her water tub and spent the hot summer days there. Twila likes to howl and will get the rest of the pack going. She has such a beautiful voice.










 Dallas is our newest addition.  He is a purebred Siberian Husky. Dallas is solid white with piercing blue eyes. We plan to breed him to our girls for low content wolf huskies.  He will also be offered for stud services in late 2016/2017. 








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