Previous Buyer Testimonials 


Here are a few testimonials from some of our previous buyers of our wolf husky puppies.....

     I really cant post enough wonderful things about you. I hope people read your page when deciding on a breeder for their next family member. We were very lucky to find someone so close to home that is a compassionate breeder that goes above and beyond for their pets. We searched a long time before deciding on Thumperswolves. Now that we will be moving from California I hope we can spread that message across the US. I cant recommend yall enough. Our pets are wonderful, healthy, and beautiful. You were right on the money with temperament, what time of the year they would turn what color, and even when he would have milestones! I cant thank you enough Tamira. You have been a blessing to us. I hope someone reads this and gives them the final motivation they need to choose Thumperswolves. :-)                                                                         Julie and Rick

     I have been thinking of emailing you lately!!! Leia had a meatloaf and bacon bday cake baked just for her, lol. We even sang happy birthday :) I DO have MANY pics I will send tommorrow. We are just SO IN LOVE with her, shes my buddy, always by my side-and soooooo playful!! Oh my gosh I even have video of her chewing up yet ANOTHER pair of my flip flops!


     Bella is doing great except for her shedding. Lol but other than that she's doing great. She does so well with the baby. She lets me know when he's crying and she likes checking up on him when he's sleeping on the bassinet. She's wonderful. She gets along with EVERYONE even kids, I was really surprised. Bella can be a trouble maker sometimes when she doesn't get it her way. She's a very good dog.                                                                                        Robert and Lorena                                                                  


    Loki is a mean lean eating machine!!!   LOL I can not belive he is only 3 months, he is almost as big as snow ball!! Lakota and him seem to be getting along really good. Loki gets along with all our pet's and doesn't even bother Mr Dusty much (the cat). We bought him a big doggy throw pillow that he loves and leave it in the crate, I caught him napping in there one day. Loki can "sit" and knows "want a treat" (lol) and "easy" when he is taking food from our hands. He is about 90% house trainned, and still likes his pee pad in our room. Maybe it's just me that cant get rid of it... Oh, he likes the car rides too!!! He is such a wonderful guy, thank you so much, I could not see us with anyone different!!                                                              I just sent over some pictures of Loki from today (his 1 year birthday!)
He is stunning and everyone stops to pet him everywhere I go. (Or ask's if they can..LOLOL) He knows sit, down, shake and high five, that depending where your hand are he will either sit on his hind legs and high 5 you, or stand on his back legs to 5 five. My granddaughter has a recording of him doing this on her cell phone.  I will send you a link!! Loki is so much fun I love him so much!! He really makes a lot of funny faces and when I give him treats he pulls his lips up and shows his teeth!! He is really gentle. Thank you so much for picking him out for me, I feel I got the best one!!!                                                                                    


     Atreyu is doing wonderful! He is our spoiled baby. He knows how to sit, shake, lay down, play dead, roll over, stay, go hide and he knows how to "Say" I love you. We are looking forward to eventually getting him a friend but we want to wait til he is done chewing everything. lol He loves and is loved by everyone. Atreyu (meaning-son of all) was the perfect name for him. Thank you for continuing to love him and check up on him.                                                                                           - Britt

     Well Shanai is doing wonderful she is 14 wks old weighs 24 pounds she is 2' tall & 40" long.  She has an amazing color coat & has 1 ice blue eye & 1 brown/green eye..She gets a lot of attention from friends & strangers that see her everyone can't get over how beautiful she is. She is getting a big head with everyone saying how beautiful she is all the time..She is very mischievous,persistent & very smart.  The way she is growing Scott & I believe she will be as big as her mom Ayani & dad Bear.  She is already half the size of our 1st wolf/husky Trace when he was full grown. She is definitely a mommy's girl. There isn't a day that goes by that she isn't making us laugh. She loves to play fetch but doesn't always bring the ball back were working on it..She loves water, the 1st time we took her to the lake she ran right into the water & started playing.  We will be purchasing her a life jacket just to be safe. Scott is looking forward to taking her fishing but I worry she will scare all the fish away. She loves to get her feet wet & slide across the hard wood floors. So mopping the floors is a challenge. Shanai is a wonderful addition to our little family we love her very much. We will be starting our obedience training soon I think all of us are excited about that.                                                                                                          We are so thankful to you. Before we found you we were not happy with the way some breeders breed there dog's.  So when we found you we knew we found the breeder we wanted to adopt our puppy from.  We love how much you and your mom love each and every dog I knew our puppy was well taken care of before we adopted her.  I wish more breeders would breed like you do it's all about the love not the $$$...            

                                   Thanks Again for our Shanai...Love Shawn & Scott Snetzinger


          I just wanted to give you an update on our little guy.  We changed his name from Tate to Eskimo Joe and call him MoJo.  He is full of energy and lots of new sharp little teeth.  He is learning his manners.  He has learned “sit” (especially when a treat is involved J), he is housebroken, and learning to play with his older Godmother.  Her name is Shiloh and is a Husky Wolf mix.  We are thoroughly enjoying him.  We are slowly making the transition to outside with his Godmother.  He had his 10 and 12 week shots and wasn’t too happy about that! As soon as I can get my camera to cooperate, I will send you some updated photos of our 20 lb. romping bundle of fur!     

     Mojo is fine and doing well, we had a little birthday celebration for him last night when Susan and I got home from work (special treats and all).  He has got a great disposition and loves to play, is a bit protective of Mommy & Daddy (Suzi & I) and is great with the grandkids.  He has gotten use to my horse and they seem to have made buddies touching noses over the fence.   I’m not sure who looks forward to playtime every night more him or us!                                                                                                    Susan and Don

          He (Yukon) is getting huge! We love him so very much; My granddaughter is
taking him to 4-H dog training and he is bigger than she is but he is
the most beautiful!!! Yukon runs the show!  He has become so spoiled! He is loved by the grandkids, the kids, the other dogs and even the cats! Yukon is loved by us and all who meet him. He is already known in Shaver at the hardware store, the marina, and the sports shop. Everyone he meets is his friend.
Thank you again.                                                                              Linda and Warren


           Keira has been a good girl... I know that I am going to have to really work hard on potty training her right now. I am going to try to set a better routine and schedule for her while I am at it. I really love her. She is such a furball of energy. I can't stop spoiling her while I am out because I always think of her when I am at the store. I got her a bunch of chew toys and some puppy breath mint treats. Her personality is so great because she knows how to get people to stop ad stare at her. I have gotten so many compliments from people about how cute she is. Hahaha... she was funny when I brought her into the store. The employees spoiled us rotten by giving us free stuff and a puppy bag to take home. They also were very nice enough to clip her nails for me for free. She was so cute though when we went down to the holiday stuffed animal section because she pulled this Santa toy out of the bin and gave me this look like "Mom, can you buy this for me?" She won me over and its pretty much been her new favorite toy. Thank you so much  =)    

     She (Keira) is about 90lbs maybe 85.  Complete sweetheart.  She has her winter coat on now which is much darker in the summer you can see the sable underneath a lot more. Thanks bunches I can not walk anywhere without someone telling me I have a beautiful dog, seriously I make it about 10 feet out my door and by the time I get back from a walk Keira will get 5-10 complements.                                                

                                                                                                           Chase and Jacqui

       Cant believe it's been one year today that I brought Shade home. He is so great and we are very happy to have him as part of the family.

                                                                                                           Steve and Heather




       I have nothing but good things to say about you guys. Bear is a stunning little guy, everybody loves him! I get compliments wherever i take him lol He had his first day at the dog park yesterday, he went with his friend Charlie. They had a great time! Charlie is in the photos i attached. He is definately spoiled! he's mommy's favorite boy :)                                                                             Charlene


      Lycan is doing great... he's been having fun playing and digging around in the mud outside.  Our most recent photos are either after baths or of him after playing outside... neither show fully how gorgeous he is.  I don't know if I mentioned, but he has one blue and one green eye.  His markings are beautiful!  I am so happy with him.  He has a great personality and has come a long way with his manners.  Things work out the way they do for a reason.  I truly feel he was meant to be part of our family!                                                                                                              Fairin

       Zeus is an amazing dog! His coat has gotten real dark and he looks so much like his mom but with golden brown eyes. He is extremely well-trained and is doing great in his obedience classes!                                                                    Yasmin


       Kai is doing great, he is such a wonderful puppy.  Such an inside loving animal and he gets along with everyone.  He weighs 60 pounds now, we just had him in the vet last week.  He has been an incredible addition to our family and we really can't thank you enough.                                                             Kate and Roland

   He's doing great we decided to name him Lobo spanish for wolf. We couldnt be happier hes such  a beautiful dog we cant take him anywhere without people stopping us to pet him. We couldnt be happier hes a joy and very friendly. thanks alot!                                                                                                            Gabe

      Well today was a play day with her (Lily's) friend Dolly. She met Dolly the Sunday after we got her home and she wasn't too sure of her.....but today was a different story. She is the "Dominator" I think she will sleep well this evening. She's doing very well riding in the crate in the car. She starts off a little verbal then falls asleep. She's a miniature image of her mommy. I love the black outline on her ears! So cute!! My girlfriend shot a little movie of her seeing her image in a full length mirror today. What a kick that was. If I can figure out how to send that to you I'll do it. I'll send more photos as she gets bigger and bigger.                                                                                                    Lynne

      We have named him Rufus (for an old English king, William Rufus) and he is wonderful. He already weighs more than 20 pounds, and he is happy and playful. He is having a great time playing with my small chihuahua/corgi mix. It's funny because when he arrived they were about the same size, and now Rufus is almost twice his height :-). 

    We're so happy with him - he is so sweet and beautiful. Rufus is also extremely vocal, often making sounds that sound exactly like words. If I told you some of the things we've heard him "say" you would probably not believe me :-)))


      I just wanted to say we are so happy to have a new family member and thank you very much for such a great gift.                                                 Taylor


     Oyster is good, she just got spayed a week ago. She is potty trained now. She is very hyper now, very very playful.                                                   Henry


      (Shadow) he is doing great. most well-tempered dog I've ever owned!                                                                                                 Sunny and Mike






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