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  Puppies Have Arrived

    We are offering some pups from a friend's high content litter which arrived early this year. We have two females available. Mariah and Starlit were born 1-22-17. Pups are $1200. Accepting deposits now for these two females.

    We are having issues with updating this site. Please visit our Facebook Page (link below) or email for the most recent info and availability. We do post photos weekly on the Facebook Page.

      SisQ and Cane's mid content litter arrived 1-26-17. There are 2 males and 6 females in this litter. We are starting the selection process 2-10-17. Picks are due by 2-16-17. Puppies are $800. We have some deposits in. SisQ is a bi eyed cream female. She is the daughter of Cheyenne and Sunka. She is a mid content White Arctic and Timber Wolf with Siberian Husky. Cane is a high content black Timber Wolf with golden eyes. Pups are black with some white, grays, and sable coloring. Some may turn cream like their mom.

        Kohana and Dallas' litter arrived 2-3-17. There are 3 males and 3 females in the litter. All 3 males are white. One white female, one sable female, and one gray female. Nice masking on the colored females. Pups are $800. Kohana is a cream high content Timber Wolf with Siberian Husky. She has gold eyes. Dallas is our purebred white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Picks from this litter are due by 2-24-17.

     Niyol and Dallas' litter arrived 2-4-17. There are two dark timber males and one dark timber colored female in the litter. Each has a little white on them. Pups are $800. Niyol is our dark timber colored high content female with olive eyes. She is Timber Wolf with Siberian Husky. Dallas is our white Siberian Husky with blue eyes. Picks are due by 2-25-17.


      Sky and Shiloh's high content litter is due 2-23-17. Pups will be $1000

      Shadow and Remington's high content litter is due soon. Pups will be $1200.

      Twila is planned to be bred to Dallas for a low content litter, estimated to arrive in May.

   We will list fall litters at a later date.


          Puppies will be vet checked and vaccinated at six weeks. Delivery and shipping options are available. We are having issues with our website, so please email us for photos at [email protected] or visit our Facebook Page. The link is below. 








Facebook link is:


 Hello from central California! We set up this site to showcase our canine kids. On this site, you can see photos of our Siberian and Wolf Huskies, as well as our other listings. We will list upcomig planned litters and our available puppies.  All of our pups are vet checked and come with a Health Guarantee. We offer door to door delivery to all of CA and most western states.  Shipping is available on a limited basis. We do not ship pups by airlines unless they are accompanied by you or a designated representative. You can get shipping quotes on         

                 Puppy Info, Shipping and Delivery Services

Puppies are handled throughout the day from birth.

             We love our wolf dogs and love being able to share their pups with other families. We take great pride in being extremely involved in the whelping process of our pups. Pregnant Moms are closely watched so we can assist with whelping when needed. Pups are handled and socialized with humans from birth. This makes them bond easily with their new families when they leave our home. Puppies are started on crate training and potty training before they leave our home. If you choose to adopt a pup from us and know what you plan to name the pup, let us know. We will start calling the pup by the name you have chosen. 

     All of our puppies are started on a worming schedule at 2 weeks and continue on it until they leave our home. They are vet checked and given their first vaccines at 6 weeks. They come with a health guarantee. Pups generally go to their forever homes between the ages of 6-9 weeks old. They go home with a puppy record book, small bag of puppy food, and a small toy scented with the scent of their mom and litter mates to ease with the transition into their new home.        

      When the time comes, you are encouraged to pick up your new pup. We also offer delivery and shipping services.  We can personally deliver the pup directly to your home, or a another location for your convenience. (Restrictions apply based on distance and timing) Delivery fees vary depending on traveling distance and gas prices. They are less expensive and less stressful than shipping for all of CA and neighboring states. We also have a ground pet transport company we can refer you to for all of the US.  Shipping is also available on a limited basis.  Shipping prices start at $650 for air shipping.  We will try to book the most direct flight for the safety of the pup. The price for shipping includes the crate, vet certification, and everything needed to ship the pup.

     We post photos of our puppies weekly on our web site so you can watch the pup grow. I also send emails with updates on puppies to people who have deposits in with us. If you have a deposit in, visits are welcomed (by appointment) after a couple weeks  so you can get a feel for the puppies' personalities. You will be requested to take precautions against Parvo and other diseases during your visit for the safety of the pups.      

     There is nothing like a wolf husky. They are terrific animals, though they may not be for everyone. Most people that have had a wolf husky choose to adopt another one. They are loyal loving animals that bond so closely that they feel like family. We take great joy in being able to assist you in adding a wolf husky into your family. Thanks for visiting.    

      Please contact us at [email protected] for a policy and deposit page before sending in a deposit.      






                                                     Please check back for updates. 



          Our email is: [email protected] 


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